Chef..... The idea


My name is Massimo

Massimo Viglietti, sees himself more like an artisan than an artist and this is apreciable in his "tasting menu" in wich with great ability all the plates are tied toghether by a subttle theme not always evident.

What might seem caos in reality is an extremelly well though and organized parcour.

Massimos' idea

Gastronomy is a form of expression trough wich the whole human range of emotions can be displayed and stimulated.

The challenge is to stimulate these emotions by revolutionizing the "tradional concept" that want the taste to be delivered as usual, No! 

Sweet and savory must blend, dance  and fight, giving life to a true ballet of flavors that startle, amaze and disorient the senses.

The recipes are concived to deliver burts of tastes that open the mind to serious gastronomic insights and thoughts.


Massimos' tasting menu is a must for those who wish to explore new culinarypaths and are ready to be swept off their feet by unique and revolutionary plates that boldly defy conventionality!